Online check in error

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Online check in error

Post by MrMoisture on Tue 25 Jun 2013 - 19:36

Hi, hoping someone can help or better still someone from Ryanair sees this.

Trying to check in online and print my boarding pass. When I booked last week I selected a seat and 1 bag to check in.

When I login now I am presented again with the option of insurance, which I declined on booking as I'm already covered. However whether I select 'Travel without insure' or anything else my check in baggage is removed from the overall price and my list of charges.

Further down it says No. of bags 1, if I try to change it it gives me the option of no more baggage or an extra bag. 

In short I'm directed to take an extra bag or none. As i'm travelling with luggage with a different firm on the way out I can hardly not come back with it. Any info appreciated. Using the contact number is obviously not an option.
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Re: Online check in error

Post by Ryanairflyer on Tue 25 Jun 2013 - 23:56

I booked a flight yesterday and did not meet the same problem. you can fly one way with a bag or not, it does not matter and not selecting travel insurance will not or should not affect baggage in anyway... as your original booking would have confirmed, maybe the web had a melt down.. I would suggest you try  again.. and if this re- occurs contact Ryanair..  Again maybe a web problem at that time.

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