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Hyphenated surname

Post by Helle Samuels on Thu 1 Aug 2013 - 18:20

I tried to book a ticket for my Danish brother to visit us in England in September. He has a hyphenated surname. I got the Errors Detected! message saying that I had "entered an invalid character into the passenger name. Please remove it to continue". The system would not accept the hyphen. I ended up entering the last part of his surname only, then got worried and called Ryanair's Customer Service Department. I was asked to pay Euro 10 to make a change. The customer service personnel then entered the surname without the hyphen but without a space between the two hyphenated parts! It looks ridiculous and is of course not as in his passport. Has anyone else had this experience? I don't really know what to do now other than calling Customer Service again but the cost is prohibitive. Any ideas?
Helle Samuels
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