Non EU/EEA citizen transiting with 2 passes

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Non EU/EEA citizen transiting with 2 passes

Post by capricorn_t on Sat 3 Aug 2013 - 9:40


I'm a non EU/EEA citizen travelling from Riga to London and transiting at Oslo. I have two boarding passes, one from Riga to Oslo and from Oslo to London.
I know that non EU/EEA citizens are required to get their boarding passes stamped at the check in counter.
My question is, in Oslo do I need to get out of the terminal, get the pass stamped at the counter and go through the security check again or can I stamp both passes in Riga?

Thank You.
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Re: Non EU/EEA citizen transiting with 2 passes

Post by atoutprix on Sat 3 Aug 2013 - 21:00

I assume that the two flights are on Ryanair ?
Ryanair does not sell connecting flights as such.
At Oslo :
- you thus have to exit to the arrival hall ( first picking up your hold luggage if any)
- being a non-EU/EAA Citizen, you'll have to get your boarding pass stamped
- if you have a hold baggage, you'll have to deliver it at the drop desk
- you'll have to pass the security check in order to proceed to the departure gate
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