Incident at TNG

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Incident at TNG

Post by atoutprix on Sat 7 Sep 2013 - 10:32

It happened to a relative of mine, last tuesday.
She had boarded the evening flight Tangier-Charleroi, when the pilot announced that he was unable to depart, as there was something unsatisfactory with the aircraft. He had to refer to Dublin. He was instructed to have the bug set right before T-O. A licensed engineer from RAM had to be called, it took two hours for him to arrive and solve the problem. They landed at Charleroi at 01.25 instead of 22.50.
During the two hours plus spent on the ground at TNG :
- excellent communication from the flight deck to keep the passengers informed (as is usual at RYR)
- the cabin was air conditioned and drinks were available (to be paid, of course)
- to a passenger complaining about the delay and the bad state of the Ryanair aircraft, the captain answered that the aircraft was new but a bug can happen anytime; that the bug was light and with many other Airlines he would have been instructed to depart at once - but at Ryanair, the safety is the first concern, even if it means a delay.
Incidentally, the security at that airport is appalling, by European standards; and there is no cabin bag control, which means that some passengers board the aircraft with huge bags which can't even enter the overhead bins and have to be transferred in the hold, in a total confusion ....
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