Using EXTRA ITEM SEAT to transport computer hardware.

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Using EXTRA ITEM SEAT to transport computer hardware.

Post by CYPER on Sat 28 Sep 2013 - 15:03

Hello guys Smile

I need to fly London-Stockholm and bring 2 metal boxes back, each being 50x40x20cm and weighting 7kg.
There is computer hardware inside them, so I don't want to check them as hold luggage as baggage handlers might damage them.

So my only option is booking an Extra Item Seat, but I'm unsure if there is any size or weight limit for these.
The RyanAir website just states that "There is no cabin or checked baggage allowance associated with the purchase of an extra seat." which adds to my confusion.

I'm getting a single ticket for myself on the way to Sweden and 2 singles on the way back (Me + Extra Item Seat).
So can I use the Extra Item Seat for both computer boxes and still use my hand baggage allowance for my own ticket?
Or do I have to use my own hand baggage allowance for one of the boxes and just use the extra seat for the other one?

I tried to call RyanAir, but they are not working today, so decided to ask here.

Thank you.
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