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Post by atoutprix on Mon 11 Nov 2013 - 14:20

Four FR flights last wednesday !

1. Charleroi-Dublin
FR43 - Scheduled : CRL 06.45 - DUB 07.30
Take-off at 06.45 - Landing at 07.17 (flight time : 1h32) - EI-DWA

A early, thus now a "silent" flight : no announcement in flight (save for the security instructions, of course).
I had never noticed before : the rows 27 and 28 are reserved for persons of áreduced mobility :

The weather was bad all over Western Europe, only clouds to be seen underneath, and same for the other three flights !

I had nearly four hours before my flight to Birmingham, I elected to go downtown Dublin with the bus 747 (10 euros return) :

At Dublin T1, the Ryanair desks are now at the right end of the terminal (when you enter) and the security control just at the opposite end of the terminal (sorry the pics are a bit blurred) :

And the 15-min walk to the gates, in a half-circle round the old terminal :

EI-DWA had apparently not moved since its arrival from CRL :

2. Dublin - Birmingham

FR3662 - Scheduled DUB 11.30 - BHX 12.35
Take-off at 11.33 - landing at 12.11 (flight time 0h38) - EI-EFI

A short flight (above clouds) before landing at a grey and wet Birmingham áairport.

No mobile stairs were provided : all alight via front door, to the two waiting busses.

After not too short a drive, and a longer discussion between the drivers, we were dropped at an air bridge, to climb to the first floor then down to the ground floor and arrival.

I took the shuttle to the railway station, but I had not time enough to go down town with the train :

Back to departure, Birmingham Elmdon airport :

The Ryanair drop-desks :

To gate 3 :

A very wet apron :

3. Birmingham - Dublin.

FR667 - Scheduled : BHX 15.05 - DUB 16.05
Take-off at 15.23 - landing at 16.17 (flight time 0h54) - EI-EBD

The shortest connecting time of my sequence was between this flight and the next one. As luck xould have it, this was the only flight with a delay !
First, boarding having been completed early, we had to wait for other flights to depart before us :

Take-of at last, and a last view of Birmingham airport :

No luck, after landing, we had to wait, presumably for a gate to be free, and finally docked at 16.26.
Bad luck again, after the kilometer-long walk, a unusually long queue at immigration, but moving fast, thanks heaven.
Security check completed, back via the same way (only on the other side of the glass partition) to gate 109 - I joined the queue just before the boarding commenced !

4. Dublin - Charleroi
FR44 - scheduled DUB 17.30 - CRL 20.10
take-off at 17.44 - landing at 20.00 (flight time 1h16) - EI-DPD

A flight in the dark, without any problem.

(incidentally, BHX-DUB was my 500th Ryanair flight)
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Post by Globemaster on Mon 11 Nov 2013 - 16:02

(incidentally, BHX-DUB was my 500th Ryanair flight)

Well done, atoutprix..........and Congratulations !
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