Sets of flights

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Sets of flights

Post by lmc on Thu 14 Nov 2013 - 0:13

Hello to all

I don't quite understand how does Ryanair flight system work. I'm going to Birmingham in March from Trieste but when I look for the flights there are noone, not for this month, nor next or March and further on.

Booking Period: Tue 12 Nov 13 - Thu 14 Nov 13
Travel Period: Sun 30 Mar 14 - Mon 30 Jun 14
Applicable Days: Mon - Thurs (Subject to availability)
Offer Advance Purchase: Travel from 02 Dec 13
starts 30 Mar 14

What does all this dates mean( that's for Trieste- Birmingham route) ? if it starts on 30th of March, why there are no flight even in April? Or they are being announced soon?
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Re: Sets of flights

Post by atoutprix on Thu 14 Nov 2013 - 9:05

On the website of Trieste Airport, there is no mention of flights to Birmingham at present :
Same at Birmingham airport :

But the route is on the Ryanair map of destinations.
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