TV ad with MOL

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TV ad with MOL

Post by atoutprix on Thu 16 Jan 2014 - 11:21

Extract :

Michael O’Leary delivered what he calls his “caring and cuddly” new message in a television ad that debuted on TV3 last night, while the airline plans to treble its advertising budget this year to promote the “evolution” of the brand.

A special 60-second version of a new “thank you for flying” ad, which ran in the Coronation Street commercial break yesterday evening, featured an “address to the nation” by the self-described “cheeky chappy” turned “serious” chief executive. The airline’s first “proper” television spot in many years was produced by TV3, with O’Leary filming his part in the broadcaster’s Sony HD studio in Ballymount last Friday. A 30-second version will be carried on TV3 and 3e over the next fortnight.

Although its spending remains “a fraction” of other airlines’ outlay, Ryanair will increase its Europe-wide advertising budget to €40-€45 million this year, up from €15 million last year. “In the past we thought the fares could do the advertising, and we could just do a cheeky-chappy ad, or something controversial,” he says. “We own the price message, but now the message is going to change.”

TV3 commercial director Pat Kiely even describes O’Leary’s tone in the ads as “statesmanlike”, which is perhaps “pushing it a bit far”, admits O’Leary, but he insists Ryanair is “nothing but serious” about its new message. “We have deliberately chosen to move away from humour.”

O’Leary has partly found it easy to contain Ryanair’s advertising budget thanks to his talent for making the most of editorial coverage, such as a notorious BBC Breakfast interview in 2009 when he joked about charging for use of toilets on flights. “The great thing is, I’m generating so much free publicity from this Damascene conversion,” he recently told the Sunday Times.

The “misunderstood” O’Leary still intends to retire from the media spotlight. The airline has appointed a new director of sales and marketing, poaching an as-yet-unnamed executive from another plc, and he or she will be given a prominent publicity role alongside other senior management, “instead of it just being mad Mick”.
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