Query about the new second carry on bag as I'm paranoid!!!

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Query about the new second carry on bag as I'm paranoid!!!

Post by emjharts on Mon 27 Jan 2014 - 20:52

We booked flights back in December for a flight that leaves on 1st February from Bham to Spain and returns on the 8th. Apparently that is the day that the new rules about a second free carry on bag come into force.

I understand the dimensions of these bags are 35x20x20 cm and that there is a bag sizer at the airport. I'm getting paranoid that I will end up being charged so just wanted to talk about the type of 2nd hand luggage bag I have. It is a squishy ladies handbag. If I measure the length from seam to seam its 33cm, the width at the widest part is exactly 20cm and the seam to seam height is 20cm, but, the thinnish handles may make the height slightly more so will this be taken into account? If i don't fill it to bursting point then squished down it makes the perfect dimensions but just how strict is this going to be as it will be the first day, will people be getting tape measures out at the gates? I'm wondering whether I'm better of just taking a smaller handbag and then see what its like for next time I fly!

If you can put my mind at rest that would be great! Also, it would be good to hear what type of bags other people will be carrying as their second hand luggage bag.

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Re: Query about the new second carry on bag as I'm paranoid!!!

Post by atoutprix on Mon 27 Jan 2014 - 23:45

Actually, a second carry-on bag is allowed since 1st december 2013 :
http://www.ryanair.com/en/news/ryanair-rolls-out-more-customer-service-improvements :

Ryanair today (28 Nov) confirmed that from Sunday all Ryanair passengers may now bring a second small carry-on bag (35 x 20 x 20cm) on board, in addition to a free 10kg cabin bag allowance.

It seems that your bag has the right dimensions.
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