Learjet M-ABEU

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Learjet M-ABEU

Post by atoutprix on Tue 4 Feb 2014 - 19:39

Did you know ? Since 2012, Ryanair uses a Learjet 45 (c/n 374) based at Stansted to provide operational recovery support across Europe.



extract :

Ryanair insists the jet will not be used to pamper executives but for engineering support.
“It is used as engineering support to protect and maintain our record of the fewest delays and cancellations of any major European airline,” Ryanair said.
The aircraft is already known to have visited a number of European airports including Dublin in recent months and flies under the call sign ‘Ryanair 001’.
It is still not clear whether Ryanair owns the jet as records show it is registered to Isle of Man-based Aviation Leasing.
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