Which flight to watch?

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Which flight to watch?

Post by Kalexie on Wed 26 Feb 2014 - 13:44

Next Tuesday I'm flying from Poitiers to Stansted. á

I thought that if I could find out where the aircraft flies immediately prior to it coming out to Poitiers I could check on that flight to see if it is running on time. áSo yesterday (Tuesday) I went to flightradar24 and found out that the aircraft that flew out from Stansted to Poitiers was the same one that had flown from Stansted to Bratislava and back again in the morning. á

What I would like to know is will this be the case again this coming Tuesday? áDo they have a set schedule for each specific aircraft that repeats itself each week? áDoes that make sense? áIf I watch the Bratislava flight this Tuesday morning can I be sure that it will be that same aircraft that then comes out to Poitiers because that's what happened last Tuesday? áIt's just so that I can be fairly sure that the flight is running on time next Tuesday and again when I return from Stansted to Poitiers two weeks later.

Thanks in advance
Kalexie xx
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