Disabled customers satisfaction survey

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Disabled customers satisfaction survey

Post by atoutprix on Fri 7 Mar 2014 - 12:14

A survey among Ryanair disabled passengers indicates the airline is delivering on its promise to improve special assistance services.
In an unprecedented move, budget airline Ryanair granted Reduced Mobility Rights unfiltered access to its customer base. Last month, customer service management of the largest European airline and the leading organization in promoting access to air travel for passengers with disabilities sat down together and crafted a survey to take the pulse of customer satisfaction among passengers with special needs

The first question focuses on the ease of the booking process.
On 11 April 2013 Ryanair upgraded its online booking process, introducing a drop down menu on the special assistance Ryanair online assistance teampage so that customers can tell the airline the exact type of assistance they will need without having to call it in. In addition to the dropdown menu, a chat appears after 15 seconds on the special assistance page during reservation opening hours, subject to agent availability. Through the chat passenger can customize their request for assistance.  
"The special assistance team are well trained, respectful, aware of problems faced by disabled passengers," a British passenger said about his experience with the booking team.

The following questions of the survey divide the travel journey into three segments: assistance at the airport of departure, in-flight, and at arrival.

Service provided by the Special Assistance provider at the departure airport
Excellent  66.96%
Good  24.61%
Average  3.33%
Poor  5.10%

Service provided by the Special Assistance provider at the destination airport
Excellent  64.13%
Good  26.23%
Average  4.93%
Poor  4.71%

Service provided by cabin crew during boarding and in-flight
Excellent  52.02%
Good  37.22%
Average  7.85%
Poor  2.91%

The overall customer satisfaction expressed in individual questions is confirmed by the overall perception of the experience, with 87.17% defining it between good an excellent, and the intention to fly Ryanair for future travel, 95.49%.

Ryanair’s Head of Customer Services, Caroline Green, and her deputy, Fiona Kearns, are the team leaders spearheading the airline’s effort to improve the journey for passengers with special needs.
The survey shows that their hard work is paying off.
However, the bottomline is solid, and the future looks bright. "It is difficult travelling with a disabled person and Ryanair make it as pleasant as possible," the carer for a passenger with special needs noted.
The comment of a British passenger sums it all up. “I think Ryanair is trying to improve and it is working. “

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Re: Disabled customers satisfaction survey

Post by Ryanairflyer on Fri 7 Mar 2014 - 23:22

I have flew many times with a relative who requires assistance to walk... all flights have been a success and as good as any higher priced carrier.

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