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Kenny Jacobs, CMO

Post by atoutprix on Wed 7 May 2014 - 13:36

Beginning of a long and interesting interview with Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair Chief Marketing Officer :

The ‘no frills’, challenger brand ethos became such an important part of Ryanair’s image and tone of voice that it ended up antagonising consumers as well as the competition.
But changing consumer expectations and mass adoption of digital technology means that Ryanair risks being left behind if it doesn’t change its ways, so new CMO Kenny Jacobs has been tasked with overhauling the customer experience and improving people’s perceptions of the brand.
The airline’s appeal comes from its low prices and massive choice of routes, so that has to remain intact if the business is to continue growing. Therefore Jacobs is focusing much of his efforts on improving the digital experience.
“The biggest change is going to come in all things digital. So what data we get on customers, how we use it to make the experience better, how we personalise and retarget, what we do on CRM, mobile and content.
“All of those things over the next two years will become the bigger levers of, not new growth, but improved customer retention.”

Read much more in :
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