Ryanair boarding pass only show English Alphabets?

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Ryanair boarding pass only show English Alphabets?

Post by CattyKindom on Wed 9 Jul 2014 - 15:16

Hello Everyone , Razz

Good afternoon, How are you?

Can i aks you guys a question plz?

I booked a Ryanair ticket for my Lithuanian friend on 6th of April. (He will fly from Lithuania to Dublin on in August.)ábounceáábounceáábounceá

But after 11 days, on 11th April, i just realise his name is written in Lithuanian alphabet on his ID

card. Then i went to Ryanair website to change his name to Lithuanian alphabet.

I change the ''E'' in his name to '' Ė'' , there is a ''dot'' above E in Lithuanian alphabet.

I also got an email from Ryanair about the name changed, and i got charged around 130 Euros.

Yesterday , we checked in online to get his boarding pass , But the boarding pass still show the English

Letter E without the ''dot'' on the E.

I called the customer query centre this morning, the gentleman who answered my phone said: Everything is

Fine, Ryanair Boarding pass only show English letters, it doesn't show European Alphabet .

and the name changing fee will be back to my account.

So , my question is: how many working days it will take for my money coming back to my account, and The

Lithuanian airport staff will let my friend get on board even his boarding pass shows E but his ID

shows Ė in his name?

Did any of you have a similar experience with me? or Any Lithuanian on this site? ^^áVery HappyááVery HappyááVery Happyáácatáácatáácatá

I trust the guy who answered my phone call, just want to double check with you guys. áalienááaliená

Kind Regards.

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my flight history

Post by kev22 on Fri 11 Jul 2014 - 15:47

how can i find my flight history for the last 10 years?
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