Refunds for renouncing to the flight (due to injury)

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Refunds for renouncing to the flight (due to injury)

Post by netspider86 on Sat 12 Jul 2014 - 12:28

Hello everyone!
My parents bought round trip tickets for Treviso-Barcelona-Treviso over the next two weeks for 4 people, the 2 of them plus 2 friends. They got at the same time Travel Insurance Plus for all four of them.

One of the other two passengers fractured his leg a couple days ago, and will be forced to miss the flight, together with the other passenger (who is his mother). How should my parents go about applying for a refund for 2 of the 4 tickets? From extensive research online, and over the phone (at very expensive rates per minute), they found out that they should request to receive a no-show letter for the two passengers not travelling, and with that contact the insurance company for the refund.

- Does this mean they should check-in online only for the 2 of them who will actually be flying? Or do they need to complete all 4 check-ins to be able to request the no-show letter?
- Will they be able to ask for said letter directly at the airport? (they read that it should be requested over the phone, which adds several extra euros to their expenses)
- It is unclear, reading the policy, under which category this falls: would it be cancellation, or abandonment?

Thanks in advance for your answers, I hope they can shed more light than some days of fruitless emails and calls, as they are leaving in few days, and it would be of great help to know what to do beforehand.

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