Urgent - Check in LATER option only

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Urgent - Check in LATER option only

Post by qwerty on Thu 24 Jul 2014 - 0:11

Hi - I am trying to check in to a ryan air flight in 2 days time (25th July).

I am able to log in and have managed to buy allocated seats.

However when I go to check in. It requests me for travel documents. áOnce I click the option for travel documents, it requires some basic information such as date of birth and passport details. Once these are entered I can click check in.

However on the next page, it once again says travel documents required and the check in option is greyed out. The only option available is check in later. This basically logs me out.

I have a non-EU passport but from the information i can see online, even non EU passport holders need to check in online.

Please can anyone advise on this issue?

Many thanks
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