Hookah Tobbaco

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Hookah Tobbaco

Post by Rikino on Fri 9 Jan 2015 - 14:58


IŽd like to ask about Cabin luggage restriction in matter of Hookah (Sisha) Tobbacos.

Iam about to carry 200grams of Smoking Tobbaco in cabin luggage from United Kingdom to Slovak republic (member of EU).

Is there any restriction or rule I should know about, to avoid problems at ?

Does it need to be in original package?

Shall I separate tobacco into smaller packages (like with liquids 100ml)?

Thank you for your responds.
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Re: Hookah Tobbaco

Post by Ryanair Ltd. on Tue 20 Jan 2015 - 14:36

I think it should be fine if they are sealed in original package.
Anything bought at Duty Free airport shops is allowed in its original packet.
I'm sorry I can't help you too much.
Regards - Have a nice flight.
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