Dusseldorf Weeze to Venice Treviso

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Dusseldorf Weeze to Venice Treviso

Post by Silvia73 on Mon 23 Mar 2015 - 13:38

Dear All,

I am looking for some information about the route Dusseldord Weeze / Venice Treviso.
This route has existed for years now but as of 1-04-2015 no flights can be booked!
I contacted Ryanair last week but their answer is that this "seasonal route" is going indeed to stop at the end of March.
This has never been a seasonal route, does any anybody know why this is all in a sudden like this? Was it not a profitable one? I cant even find flights in November!

Many thanks for your answer.
Kind regards

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Re: Dusseldorf Weeze to Venice Treviso

Post by Ryanair Ltd. on Mon 23 Mar 2015 - 19:41

Seems strange.
By looking at the last flights, I see they had it on 2-4-6 [Tues/Thu/Sat], relative low frequency but still significant. The prices seemed pretty high, and there were less than 25 seats left on most flights.
It is possible they are cutting routes at Dusseldorf to move one of their aircraft into Berlin.
This article is old but true: http://www.anna.aero/2014/05/13/ryanair-more-routes-dropped-this-summer-than-added/
we can see that Weeze has lost 17 routes compared to last summer. They possibly need the plane to open other routes during the summer season, or even to add frequencies on an existing route.
Let's hope they will open it next Winter.


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