Boarding Passes on Ryanair mobile app

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Boarding Passes on Ryanair mobile app

Post by athegn on Sun 1 Oct 2017 - 18:57

I have checked in online and have printed off my boarding passes; so will be able to fly.

However I have installed the Ryanair app on my Andriod mobile but cannot see how to get my boarding pases on that app.

Found this but no very helpful:-

"Yes. You can retrieve your booking on the mobile app and it will display a mobile boarding pass.
You can also reprint a paper boarding pass up to 2 hours prior to each flight departure time. Click here to reprint your boarding pass"

It does not explain how to to get passes on app. If I press "Boarding Pass" on app menu I am told I need Boarding Passes to continue!!

Fine I know I have Boarding Passes but not yet on mobile.

Any advice please?
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