Flights from Stansted to Bratislava, Special Offer

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Flights from Stansted to Bratislava, Special Offer

Post by panoramical on Wed 3 Sep 2008 - 20:08

Hi there,

Quick help needed!

I want to travel to Bratislava on the evening of Thursday 16th October and return any time on Sunday 19th October. Let me quote the conditions of the offer on at the moment:

Booking Period: Wed 03rd Sep 08 - Tue 09th Sep 08
Travel Period: Wed 01st Oct 08 - Mon 30th Nov 09
Applicable Days: Mon - Thurs & Sat (subject to availability)
Blackout Period: 17th Oct '08 - 03rd Nov '08 to/from EDI / PIK
24th Oct '08 - 03rd Nov '08 to/from UK / IRE
Notes on this fare: All Holidays, School Breaks and Major Sporting Events are excluded from this offer

As you can see, the dates do not fall in the blackout period. Nor are there any holidays in this period. So why am I being charged ú12.99 +taxes for these fares?
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Re: Flights from Stansted to Bratislava, Special Offer

Post by stevestrac on Thu 4 Sep 2008 - 1:28

Firstly, your return day is excluded, being SUNDAY 19th October.

Applicable Days: Mon - Thurs & Sat (subject to availability)

Secondly, is the lovely in brackets section that is, as always,

(subject to availability)

That little bit there is the bug-bear. Now, (DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THESE NUMBERS), Ryanair operate the 737-800 aircraft with 189 seats on-board, of these 189 seats on that particular flight, a percentage of these seats, for an example say 10 seats, will be available for the special offer price, whatever the special offer price is that would be currently available, and the offers change often.

Once those 10 (for an example) seats allocated for special offers have been purchased, the price then goes up to the next pricing level, which may have, say for an example 15 seats available, etc etc etc. Sometimes if a flight is slow, they may lower the price to increase interest, but that's down to the airline at the time.

As I say, don't take the figures (apart from the 189 seats on a Ryanair 737-800) as gospel, as I do not work for them.
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