three queries. please help

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three queries. please help

Post by hotrocks on Mon 20 Oct 2008 - 22:33

1. My mate is called David Smith. I booked him and a few other mates on a trip to Ireland and Germany but he then tells me the name on his passport is Andrew David Smith! He never uses the Andrew. Will I have to change it on the booking at a cost of ú60 per flight?

2. I booked the trip for 6 of us but one mate has dropped out. Can I cancel his booking and claim any money back?

3. I booked us in as 'Airport Check In' but I really want to check us all in on-line now. Can I do this and will I be able to claim back the airport check-in fee?

Many thanks folks.
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Re: three queries. please help

Post by stevestrac on Tue 21 Oct 2008 - 2:00

1. If you call Ryanair and if you get someone decent on the end of the phone you could explain something to the effect of, I booked all my friends for this trip, however, one of the passengers who my friends and I have called for years and years David Smith, it has now been brought to my notice his name is Andrew David Smith in his passport and that he never uses the name Andrew on a day to day basis. It might work, just saying I've never known him as Andrew ever since you met him, and you made the booking in good faith that David Smith was actually his real name.

IT MIGHT WORK, not promising! I turned up at Shannon AFTER already checking-in online and noticed my friend had spelt my surname incorrectly (he made the return booking I had made my outbound booking), all he had done was replace an a with an e. Said to ticket desk clerk, I think I might be in trouble here..... explained what I have just mentioned and she just changed it on the computer and said it will be fine and if I have a problem, to come back and see her. I went through security with no problems that day.

2. See Paul Kilduff's Ruinair book, or even the Little book of Mick (I've not read it yet, but guess this would be in it.) MOL saying, "What do you not get about NO REFUNDS!" Sorry, unless you find someone else to perhaps change the name on the booking, It will be lost. Unless you have Travel Insurance and by not travelling you might be able to claim back through them.

3. Yet again, I believe this will be lost money. As if you select Airport Check-in, then the handling agents will be told how many passengers want to check-in at the airport and staff the desk accordingly, just because you change your mind, they will still have to staff a check-in desk, and this I believe is where the money goes.

Sorry to be so negative in my answers, but this is what I understand, others, please feel free to correct me.
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