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Post by amnesia on Mon 9 Mar 2009 - 2:28

As some of you may know, I've became an admin of destinations and base section. After short introduce there was silence, but I was not sleaping that time. I was thinking how does this sections should looks like, and typing my ideas into computer code. Last week was crazy and many things appear - I mean I thought it will be piece of cace, but this project became little bit bigger than I was thinking first Wink I may say, that I've finished coding of main part and you gonna die if it works as it should do. Now I have to test all application, make some small corrections like the way it should looks and write some gallery script as well. Then we will try to push it into the server and hopefully write articles Wink
OK, but why am I writing it to you? Because I need your help ofcourse Wink I mean, what do you thing should/must/might be into destination's description? I would like it to be as helpfull and informative as possible. Would like it to be some board of knownledge for us and also new visitors - means potential new friend Very Happy The list of things was in my mind is more or less like that -> Transport (how to get from airport to some important location), Hotels/Hostels/BBs, Car Rentals, Sleeping at Airport (Tips and tricks), Local area trourism information (what to see, what to do, what to try), airport's facilities (what to eat, what may you buy there, atms, etc.) There also should be some helpfull information like website, coordinates, phorum link, photo section, list of actual connections, bunch of helpfull links as well as personal ideas to let you share your thoughts about this destination/airport. I also try to link it up with Google Earth software and maybe Google Maps, but I don't know how does this second works like to be honest Wink As you see, it's a lot, but as I'm saying - the more information the better :-)
Another request is, could anybody help me with descriptions please? I've visited about 16 airports so far, but some of them I may not remember exactly, and the bigger part probable will be unvisited for a long time. Also you're using few airports very offen, so you may be specialist with those locations. I let you know what kind of informations do I need if I close the programing part of this section.
And the last one is, what airports should in your opinion be described first? I thought, that the biggest ones, and then other bases mixed with potential summer places. But summer for some of you may mean totally different from those I'd like to visit. Anyway, I'm open to any sugestions and giving you opportunity to do this :-)
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