Can't receive airport check-in refund

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Can't receive airport check-in refund

Post by underfish on Mon 20 Apr 2009 - 14:10

Hi! As I'm not EU citizen, during my last trip Hahn - Riga, I've paid for airport check-in 20 euros (for 2 persons). After that I faxed Ryanair for refund and got a reply in 10 days, that money should be refunded in 5 business days. Well, in 10 days I sent them fax again, as no money appeared, and received a similar answer in more 10 days - wait 5 days to collect a refund. So, the current situation is: no money refunded, no replies from e-mail, they send me messages, a lot of money paid for faxing from Russia to Ireland, 1.5 month left. Please, advice! Maybe someone know any working Ryanair e-mail addresses to explain the situation? Smile Thank you.
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