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Turn around in 25 minutes

Post by atoutprix on Sat 4 Jul 2009 - 21:06

An interesting message posted on PPRuNe by a Ryanair pilot, explaining what happens during those 25 min, and why it's entirely safe to do it in so short a time :

If I may just pick up on that point and explain a couple of things from the other side of the locked door. At no point are flight crews pressured into meeting an on time arrival and getting away again in 25 minutes.

In the 25 minutes that we have to turn around the flight deck, on a normal day, its goes something like this.....
•Pull on gate, transit shutdown checks and paperwork from the inbound flight. 3 minutes.
•The pilot flying the next leg will pick up the departure weather and set up the flight management computer, and sets the instruments for the departure. 5 minutes.
•The non-flying pilot will have completed an external walk round of the aircraft and rejoins the other guy up front to carry out a departure brief. We'll be talking about the expected departure, emergencies etc. 5 minutes.
•Coffee time, we cannot do any more until the dispatcher presents us with a load sheet. As soon as the load sheet is presented with the correct amount of pax we can then calculate the take-off performance from the tables. 2 minutes.
•Once the last passenger is on, a PA will be made from the flight deck and the before
start checks are completed. 2 minutes.
•Once the doors are closed, push and start is requested and off we go again.
90% of the time, we are waiting for the passengers to board, fuel to be up lifted and the crew to give us a correct head count. It's a well rehearsed drill and 25 minutes is ample time to turn around the flight deck.
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