FMM: Memmingen aka Munich West, Germany

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FMM: Memmingen aka Munich West, Germany

Post by ruinair on Wed 8 Jul 2009 - 12:56

Memmingen is one of FR's newest airports. It is a former military airfield yet it is modern, bright and efficient.

Location is 95 km from Augbsurg, 120 km from Munich and 60 km from Ulm.

Airlines using the airport are Ruinair, TUIFly, Germania, Hamburg International and SkyAirlines.
In all these airlines fly to 27 different destinations.

Transport options are to take a bus to Munich for €18 or €16 if you buy the ticket online in advance
Bus information is here
Or take the local infrequent bus to Memmingen train station for €2.50 in 10 mins and take a train from there.

Take care when going through security control - they have a weighing scales and weigh all carry-on bags.

Facts and figures :

Memmingen Airport

Airport operator
Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG

Approx. 4.5 km South East from the town of Memmingen

Airport reference point
47° 59′33″ N – 10° 14′37″ E

Take off and landing runway
Length: 2,981 m

Total area of airport: 144.1 ha

Passenger terminal
Capacity: 500,000 passengers
Area: 3,200 m²
Check-in desks: 10

Airport web site is

Memmingen Airport from the outside - Arrivals and Departures entrances plus bus stops at the end

If you are too early for ze plane then you can have ze beer in the ze wooden beer garden outside ze airport

Check in here for flights on Von Ryans Express to ...

... all of seven destinations as at July 2009 and more are sure to follow

Have a snack beside check in at an airport dominated by Ruinair and TUIFly

Wait a short while in the luxurious Club Class business lounge with at least 189 seats, enough for all

Boarding gates are only a short walk from your next friendly Ruinair flight

EI-EBZ arriving on time from DUB - the first thing you can smell are the nearby rural farm yards

EI-DYB soon to be ready to depart to STN

EI-DYB still waiting to depart to STN but about an hour later at the time which is unusual ....
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